Asset Capital Market believes that individuals, privately-held, and publicly-traded firms in Tristate should experience the best underwriting and distribution securities services from a leading full-service investment bank.
Asset Capital Market is committed to the client’s happiness and success in debt raising, tender winning/management, and underwriting. We do not undermine the value of the services we offer including capital markets management, placement of convertible bonds, securities distribution, pricing, and preparation for an important presentation. We are interested in a client’s successful closure of a business deal, marketing, and structuring. In the end, we have to help you know howto make things right in your business.

Underwriting and Distribution

  • Design ideal allotment plans for target clients
  • Provide legal advisory services to facilitate proper pricing negotiations during issuance
  • Coordinate organizational roadshows
  • Manage public tenders on behalf of our clients
  • Our legal experts assist you with the negotiation of business terms and management of covenants
  • We offer outstanding legal and business advisory on effective rating
  • Our legal and audit team of experts assist clients with prospectus preparation
  • We prepare capital markets and financial securities presentations for clients

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